3nethra neo

The 3nethra neo is used as a wide field retinal imaging digital camera to capture, store, and transmit images of an infant’s retina to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases and disorders.

It is a contact device that specializes in the capturing of digital color images of the retina of infants who have less than 55 weeks of Post Menstrual Age (PMA), while their eyes are dilated using mydriatic drops under clinical control.

Ergonomic in design, the 3nethra neo comes with advanced features and intelligent solutions that benefit neonatologists worldwide



The 3nethra neo’s portable and lightweight feature allows for easy and hassle-free transportation. The 3nethra neo can be dismantled and set up in less than 10 minutes, allowing for optimal use of time.

Telemedicine Compatible

The 3nethra neo is compatible with NeoCare, a cloud based telemedicine platform through which high-resolution images can be shared for consultation with paediatric retina specialists.

Better field of view with a single lens

The 3nethra neo provides an unparalleled 120-degree view, enabling doctors to make an informed diagnosis. The 3nethra neo also has a video mode imaging capability that enables the device to convert videos into images as well.

Light Source

The 3nethra neo has a built-in Compact LED-based warm white illumination.


Technical Specifications

Image Resolution 2040 X 2040 – 24 bit colors
Minimum Pupil Diameter 4mm
Field of View 120 degree when measured from the centre of the eye
Adjustments Intensity, Gain, Balance, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Focus
Imaging Still images and video images
Compatibility DICOM Export, Telemedicine, USB 3.0
Weight of Handheld Unit 340 grams ( 720 gms with cable )
Dimension of Handheld Unit 210 (L) X 70 (W) X 60 (H) mm
Operating Environment Temperature: 5-35 °C
Humidity: 30-90%
Atmospheric pressure: 70-106 kPa
Uninterrupted AC power supply for 5V DC Adaptor
Internet connectivity
High definition display
Minimum System Requirements Operating system – Windows 10 pro
Processor – Intel i7 ; RAM – 16GB, 256GB SSD minimum requirement

Product Brochure

3nethra neo_brochure V4.2